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BluePrint Identity
BluePrint Identity is designed for law enforcement and public safety, enabling quick identification of suspects and arrestees. Fingerprints can be captured in seconds and matched against law enforcement databases, giving police an alternative to physical arrest for lower-level offenses, and empowering officers with more reliable criminal history information.
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BluePrint Evidence
BluePrint Evidence enables crime scene investigators to instantly capture fingerprint impressions left on glass, in blood, and on other surfaces at crime scenes. With this revolutionary technology, police can potentially identify suspects within mere seconds, versus the days or weeks it takes to have lifted prints processed at traditional labs.
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BluePrint Access
BluePrint Access is a solution for general purpose access control in applications such as airports, fitness centers, condo buildings, and industrial settings. Authorized users simply place their finger in front of the camera, which instantly detects and captures their fingerprint. The print is matched against a database to determine whether the user is allowed entry.
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BluePrint ChildID
BluePrint ChildID is for parents with minor children. Just like traditional ink-based Child ID kits, this solution can help police locate a missing child, by enabling parents to keep a record of their children's fingerprints and demographic information. With BluePrint ChildID, parents can do this without buying expensive kits and without the mess of ink.
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